Kasey always knew that she wanted to become a nurse. After graduating from high school, she worked hard to pursue her goal and earned her associate degree in nursing from Lancaster General College. She then transferred to the LCCTC, where she obtained her licensed practical nursing certification.

Besides the required education, most nursing positions also require a bachelor's degree. For instance, Kasey was able to earn her bachelor's degree in nursing through Eastern Mennonite University's RN to BS program. The university's emphasis on self-care and nursing careers helped her choose this school.

In each course, the topic of self-care is covered to help students think about taking care of themselves. This is very important to ensure that they can succeed in their academic careers. After Kasey successfully passed the NCLEX test, she decided to become a nurse in the interventional radiology field.

Besides traveling internationally and domestically, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Through total immersion travel, Kasey can broaden her worldview and develop her empathy and concern for the environment. It also helps her reset her mindset and appreciate everything that she has been able to accomplish in her life.

One of her favorite activities during travel is meeting people from different countries. This allows her to gain a deeper understanding of their customs and how they live. Some of the most engaging experiences that Kasey has had during her time traveling have featured local history, geography, unusual cuisine, and language traditions.

Her curiosity allows her to do things that other tourists can't. It allows Kasey to widen her scope of understanding and explore new lifestyles. It also lets her seek out new experiences that she might not have thought about.

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Kasey Bledsoe

Kasey Bledsoe earned her 1st nursing degree from Lancaster County Career and Technology Center. View more about Kasey’s education by visiting kaseybledsoe.net.