Kasey Bledsoe on How To Help Your Children Prepare for Their Exams

Kasey Bledsoe
2 min readNov 18, 2022

Many students dread the idea of taking school tests. These are important, as they determine whether a student will move on to the next grade or whether they will enter college. Although these are typically not fun to take, can still make the preparation process bearable.

Make Sure Your Child Sleeps Well

Insufficient sleep can affect a student’s ability to focus and keep up with their studies. Although children should get enough sleep throughout the year, it’s important to monitor their bedtime patterns when it comes to school. The National Sleep Foundation states that teenagers and children need around 8 to 10 hours of sleep a night.

Make Studying Fun

Make sure that the preparation process is fun and engaging. Children have varying learning styles, and parents may have a good idea of what works best for their child. Test prep activities can be designed to match the learning style of their child.

For instance, children with social learning abilities may benefit more from studying with their siblings or parents. They can also benefit from group tutoring sessions. On the other hand, children with solitary learning abilities may want to review study guides and take multiple practice tests at their own pace.

An added boost to the motivation of children can come from engaging in test prep activities that are related to their interests. For instance, parents can utilize various state test skills in cooking lessons for their kids.

Ask For Help

When parents seek help for their kids in preparing for the state tests, young learners usually benefit. There are a wide range of options available, such as tutoring, study groups, and computer programs.

Parents can also assess how prepared their kids are by tutoring. These avenues can help them provide their students with the necessary tools and concepts.

It’s easy for parents to convey their anxiety to their kids, which can increase the pressure that they feel. Parents do not want their kids to experience issues such as panic attacks and decreased appetite as the state tests approach. Instead, they should project a positive and uplifting message.

Make Sure Your Child is Comfortable

One of the most important factors that parents can consider when it comes to preparing their kids for the state tests is having a clear understanding of what to expect. This can help them feel more confident and able to make informed decisions. In most cases, parents can find practice tests and previous assessments online.

Besides encouraging their kids to take practice exams, parents should also talk about the various aspects of the testing environment. For instance, if the tests are on paper or on a computer, they should know where and when they will be held.

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