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Kasey Bledsoe
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The rise of tech and engineering jobs has led to much talk about the need for more STEM skills in schools. But is it essential for every student to learn these skills?

Science, engineering, math, and technology are all well-suited to helping students succeed. In 2023, here are five reasons we should focus on STEM education.

STEM Jobs are the Future

The importance of STEM education is growing, and by 2028, employment in these fields is expected to grow by 8.8%. In addition, healthcare occupations are expected to grow even faster.

STEM workers are more likely to earn a livable wage, as the average annual earnings of these individuals were around $86,980 in 2019.

Encourages Innovation

Besides helping students enter STEM careers, STEM education also helps students develop their mental acuity. This can help them succeed in various fields.

Through the coursework in STEM, students are exposed to critical thinking and finding solutions. These skills can help them become innovators in the future.

Teaches Teamwork

One of the most important skills people should have to succeed is teamwork. Working and living with a large group of people in today’s world often requires cooperation.

In addition to being exposed to multiple subjects, STEM classes feature more team activities. These types of exercises help students develop their communication and collaboration skills.

Project Management Skills

Hands-on projects are also commonly featured in STEM courses, especially engineering and technology. In these courses, students can build simple robots and computer programs.

Through the coursework in STEM, students are exposed to the concept of time management. This skill can help them tackle various projects, such as home remodeling or office work.

Familiarity with Tech

The pandemic has highlighted technology’s importance, as people use apps like Slack and Zoom to connect with their families and coworkers. Teachers must equip students with the necessary skills to use and develop such tools.

Many workplaces and people will still use their new technology following the pandemic. Having a strong STEM foundation can help students succeed in the future.

Providing children with quality STEM education will prepare them for success in the future and provide them with valuable skills for their future careers.

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Kasey Bledsoe

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